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Lost Wax Method

of Casting In Bronze

Lost wax casting is a 6000 year -old process still used today in manufacturing and fine art. Using this method of casting in bronze captures the fine detail from the original sculpture. There are basically 8 steps to the process. The precision and accuracy of the process have made it an ideal method for producing objects with thin walls and intricate detail. Mike is involved with all the steps in finishing the pieces from sculpting his original sculpture all through to the final patina. The lost wax method is also referred to “investment casting”.


Step by Step Process

Step 1

Rubber mold wax pour.

Step 2

Spruing the waxes.

Step 3

Dipping wax in shell.

Step 4

Shell over the wax.

Step 5

Shell heated for bronze pour.

Step 6

 Pouring the bronze casting.

Step 7

Rough bronze casting.

Step 8

Bronze welding.

Step 9

Bronze finishing (step 1).

Step 10

Bronze finishing (step 2).

Step 11

Sandblasting the bronze.

Step 12

Bronze patina finish.

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